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Our All Tutors have an "A" Grade or minimum "80%" score in the subject they teach.


  • You are a girl and you want to be connected to only a female Tutor? Or you want the choice of gender while choosing a tutor.
  • You want a choice to go to a tutor (that might cost less) or call him at your place.
  • You want to decide how much you want to pay for the tuition.
  •  Do you want the choice of studying in a Group (share fee with fellow students) or 1 on 1(personalized tutoring)?
  • You want a free Demo before starting each paid tutoring session.

If the answer to the above questions is “Yes”,  download the “TOOTAR” App right now and experience the Ultimate Tutoring Platform.

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Class 6 to 8 ( leading to O levels),

Class 6 to 8 ( leading to Matric)  Subjects,





Need a Tutor?